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The world of soul. Мир души (на англ.)
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Вес: 300 г. г.

Автор: Ш.Аляутдинов

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Подробное описание

 There is a belief, that in order to start an interesting, useful and inspiring book one needs only to take a pen, and commit one’s thoughts and inspiration to paper. This is exactly how «The world of soul» was born. It is not even the world, but a whole universe, illuminated with brilliant knowledge of hosts of scholars of the Golden Age, successors of the prophet Muhammed (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

The book is addressed to people with rich inner world — an abode of intimate reflections, feelings, aspirations, success and failures. However, it is not a textbook on meditation or philosophy, but rather a sort of a message, an instruction to a soul in quest of the knowledge of outer world — a soul that analyzes, learns lessons of life, in order to be ready for the report before the Lord of the Creation, King of Judgement Day!

Nothing is permanent in this world, neither evil nor good; neither grief, nor happiness. Of vital significance are spiritual state and inner peace; assiduity and steadfastness; fortitude that gives strength to keep going along the thorny path of life without grumbling about troubles, or sinking to the depth of despair, but being strong, changing people and world around to the better, with worshipping and loving Him, Who has power over everything and everybody.

Difficulties strengthen us. By no means they destroy us. For it depends on us how we treat the events that happen in this world. It is not the situation itself that is dangerous or disgraceful, but our attitude to it, that can only worsen its consequences.

Imam ash-Shafi‘i said:
People are illness (everybody has their flaws).
Their recovery is in their intimacy (meetings and communication).
By keeping away from them you destroy wonderful feelings of sympathy, affection and love.
Life gives us a thousand chances.


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